5 - 8 April 2-17, Battersea Arts Centre | Original Scratch performance February 2016

It’s easy to spot a freshie.
Like maybe some people – like politicians or lawyers or whatever - 
If you saw me and a freshie standing together you wouldn’t know who was who. 
But I know.  Every time.

A group of teenagers on the very edge of adulthood imagine what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes.  A new play inspired by ongoing work exploring the European migration crisis.

Created and performed by Eleanor Benmore, Yaamin Chowdhury, Etienne Kachama, Romeo Mika, Jessica Noque, Kofi Odoom & Reme Rodgers

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Written by Ned Glasier
with the company

Ned Glasier & Amy Hodge

Charlie Damigos

Lighting Designer
Rory Beaton

Sound Designer
Elena Peña

Movement Director
Yami Löfvenberg

Assistant Director
Segen Yosef

Movement Assistant
Azara Meghie


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Press and feedback

"The ensemble is a varied and dynamic group that all brought something different to the production, whether it was a personal glimpse into their own lives, dancing, the school life for emigrants, and even discrimination and misunderstanding between friends on tetchy topics. The personal depth to Boat was incredibly touching and powerful. Every movement and jump felt exact with dedication and commitment while meandering through the meridian lines of the stage.

"...Boat is a powerful, current, and varied in what the cast bring to the table. With exposed and honest humour throughout a show of a sensitive and difficult topic, Company Three bring a lightness in discussing the migrant crisis; and inviting the audience to realise that we are all very similar and share relatable values."

A Younger Theatre 


"As the young cast switch between their lives as British teens to those of refugees, the play hits its heights. The plight of a young refugee on a boat seeking a better, safer life is simply stunning. As one actor described the scene, the others visualised the boat trip they endured, swaying and spinning as waves hit the boat."

Everything Theatre

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