Scratch Performances: 19 - 20 February, 2016

It’s easy to spot a freshie.

Like maybe some people – like politicians or lawyers or whatever - 

If you saw me and a freshie standing together you wouldn’t know who was who. 

But I know.  Every time.

A new scratch play about empathy and the refugee crisis, created by fifteen teenagers on the very edge of adult responsibility.  

Created and performed by Eleanor Benmore, Etienne Kachama, Gracia Kayindo, Helawit Hailemariam, Jéssica Noque, Kiki Bowen, Kofi Odoom, Lewis Dickinson, Nadia Carrier-Solomon, Nubia Servina, Pia Richards-Glöckner, Reme Rodgers, Romeo Mika, Sama Aunallah, Segen Yosife, Tyrel Phan & Yaamin Chowdhury.

Written by Ned Glasier and the company

Directed by Amy Hodge and Ned Glasier

Daisy Young

Jamie Platt

Alexandra Faye Braithwaite