The Centre

15 - 20 April 2013, The Pleasance Theatre

A housing estate on the edge of Paris. once a bold vision for a utopian future, now broken by years of neglect, home to a lost generation of young people with no hope for the future.

Until a new president arrives in a blaze of publicity and promises a brighter tomorrow: a landmark new shopping centre designed by the finest architects, boasting designer shops, cinemas and a bowling alley, offering apprenticeships, jobs and opportunity.



Emilie Talitha Lewis, Martin Benjamin Daniels, Filip Joshua Timson, Nabil Sammy Amokrane, Chantal Particia Mulumba, Stephanie Christelle Belinga, Marc Corey Peterson, Alia Jasmin Alvarez, Marie Phoebe Burrows, Olivier Aidan Robertson

Written by Alexandra Wood

Directed by Ned Glasier

Assistant Director Ibrahim Shote

Designer Charlie Damigos

Assistant Designer Antione Azille

Lighting Designer Chloe Kenward

Sound Designer Helen Skiera

Movement Director Mia Theil Have

Production Manager Tess Maher

Production Photos