Next Open Friday:
29 November, 10am - 1pm

A key part of our work is the open sharing of our practice, process and plays. We do this because we believe a strong, confident and connected youth theatre sector can change the way teenagers are listened to, understood and celebrated, everywhere.

Every month we host Open Fridays, a free drop-in event for anyone who wants to meet us, talk about your work or our work, get advice or talk through an idea. It is aimed primarily at artists, producers and administrators working with young people, but everyone is welcome.

Open Friday takes place in the C3 Den, a space where our young people often hang out and make work. All our core staff (and possibly some of our members, if they’re not at school) will be there and we’ll have biscuits and tea available for everyone who comes.

Please note that we won’t know how many people will come until they turn up - we’ll try and group people together for a chat where appropriate and there might be a little wait while we speak to individuals.

At Open Friday we can:

  • Share information about Company Three - how we work and what we do.

  • Talk about our training courses, play blueprints and artistic practice.

  • Give advice on career pathways, workshop plans and project ideas.

  • Share documents and policies for you to adapt in your own company/practice.

You can just turn up at any time between 10am-1pm, but it helps us to know when you’re coming and what you’d like to talk about (however vague). Please fill in the form below.

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How to find us

Company Three Office & Den
3rd Floor, Central Library
2 Fieldway Crescent
London N5 1PF

After you’ve entered the library, take the stairs to the third floor and ring the Company Three bell.

You can take the lift to the second floor and walk up the stairs to the third floor, or if you need to take the lift all the way, just call us on 020 7609 9651 when you arrive.

Open Fridays generally take place on the last Friday of every month. Check at the start of the month for the next date.

Contact us if you have any questions.