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The Act 


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The Act 

31 July - 2 August 2018 , The Yard Theatre | 28 July 2018, Royal Exchange Theatre | 10 - 14 April 2018, The Yard Theatre
Originally developed at The Yard's First Drafts Festival, June 2017 and as A Few Mississippis, part of Assembly 2017

Give her a cheeky smile, let her know you’re interested—
You need to catch her eye, you know flirtatious stuff?
You need to be a little bit vulnerable—
Be confident.
Show her your soft side—
But you don’t wanna be too vulnerable. You don’t wanna be too soft—
Pretend they’re the only one— 
Because then they’ll feel special.


The Act is about love between teenagers.

It’s about how you think we look together.

The way things feel, the first time you feel them.

It is awkward, funny, terrifying. It is excruciating anticipation…

Company Three return to The Yard with a new production re-imagined every night by a cast of teenagers.

Expect unplanned connections, live play, and to feel some feelings for the first time (again).

Created and performed by Michael Adewale, Ellie Benmore, Kiki Bowen, Yaamin Chowdhury, KJ Gomez-Danso, Dylan Lubo, Tyrel Phan, Pia Richards Glöckner, Bethany Timson, Delilah Sykes

Created with Doyin Ajiboye, Sama Aunallah,  Lewis Dickinson, Chelsea Green,  Romeo Mika, Francisco Rodrigues & Syntyche Tongomo

Rehearsal photography by Camilla Greenwell

James Blakey

Charlie Damigos

Lighting Designer
Jamie Platt

Simon Jones

Production Manager
Michael Cunningham

Stage Managers
Anna Sheard



"Admitting she only told her mum about the play a few weeks before its initial scratch performance last summer, it’s clear for Kiki the piece has sparked the inter-generational conversations about sex and relationships it hoped for, but much closer to home."
The Guardian Interview

"Who better to tell a story of teen angst, than those that are currently going through it? ...  rocky, turbulent and predominantly unpredictable ... an absolute delight to watch."
**** Broadway World

"Endless episodes and scenarios and narratives all dealing with the nervous preparation filled angst of teenage sexuality. Ranging from dance to song to sketch comedy to non-naturalistic movement sequences, 70 minutes pass in a blink of an eye."


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