20 & 21 July 2017, The Yard Theatre
Originally developed as A Few Mississippis, part of Assembly 2017

An experimental new scratch play for the Yard Theatre's First Drafts Festival.

The Act is about love between teenagers. It’s about the way things look and the way things feel. And the difference. It is excruciating anticipation. It is awkward, funny, uncertain, experimental, terrifying.

It could be amazing. It might all go wrong.


Created and performed by Bethany Timson, Delilah Sykes, Ellie Benmore, Francisco Rodrigues, Kiki Bowen, Michael Adewale, Pia Richards Glöckner, Syntyche Tongomo & Yaamin Chowdhury

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James Blakey

Charlie Damigos

Sound Designer
Joe White

Stage Manager
Mica Taylor

Assistant Director
Antione Azille

Production Gallery


The Act still dances about my head with crystal clarity. This is a show about sex and teenagers, performed by a young cast, Company Three, who have been working together for many years. There is a rare openness about The Act: by the end of the show it feels like I have crouched down next to these teenagers, searched for their pulse and felt it beat.

Here is a company that has learned how to listen to each other without judgment or fear, and who are not afraid to give themselves over completely to the theatre. We eavesdrop on their funny and honest conversations about sex. We watch them sing and dance, run away and towards each other. The performances feel like the most natural extension of these young actors – as if they have turned themselves inside out just for us. It is a revelation and an honour to watch them perform.

Miriam Gillinson, Exeunt